Children Protection USB Wall Socket 5V 2.1A

Children Protection USB Wall Socket 5V 2.1A

Model NO. C4G-D2M2
Color: White
2.1 Amps of total charging capacity

Product Details

Children protection USB wall socket 5V 2.1 

The dual USB ports reliably and independently provide a voltage of 5 Volts with an amperage of 2.1 amperes. By this, a rechargeable battery with 3000 mAh will be charged in less than 1.5 hours.



44.5 x 44.9 x 37.2 mm (L x W x H)


42.6 g ± 10%

Power rated input

110 V a.c to 240V a.c 50Hz, 0.45 A max

Standby Power input

< 0.3W

Power rated output

5V d.c Max. 2.1 A


Average > 80%, @ 220V a.c. 50Hz

Output Ripple voltage

4.75V d.c to 5.35V d.c ripple voltage < 150 mV p-p

Protection function

Short circuit, over current(2.55A), over voltage(7.5 V d.c max), over temperature

Operation environment

0℃ to 40℃ , 10% to 90% RH, no condensing


< 2000m

IP rating

IP 20


2 years

Features and applications

* Power socket USB with 2 USB jacks- two devices can be charged simultaneously.

* Embedded standard type design to save your space.

* Strong performance for Connect all devices directly.

* fast loading

* Short-circuit, over current(2.55 A max), over voltage( 7.5 V DC max), over temperature protection function.

* Children protection 

* No batteries included and required.

* Ideal for use in residential, commercial and healthcare applications. Such as home, offices, hotels, airport, railway station, lounges, hospital, etc.


1. What charging capacity does the socket provide?

The USB wall charger provides a total of 2.1A charging capacity. This means that if only one device is connected, the total rated output current of 2.1 A is available from either port. In the event that both ports are connected, the total rated current will be divided between the two ports. It detects differing charging configurations and requirements and reacts accordingly, for example,  if two devices were charging simultaneously, more current will be diverted to the device with the least charge and the biggest demand.

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