Fast Loading USB Wall Mounted Charger 5V 2.1A with Two Ports

Fast Loading USB Wall Mounted Charger 5V 2.1A with Two Ports

Model NO. C4G-D1M1
Color: White
2.1 Amps of total charging capacity

Product Details

USB wall mounted charger 5V 2.1A

Two USB ports automatically detect your USB devices to deliver the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.1Amps and 2.1 Amps total.

The added USB ports bring direct plugins for smartphones, tablets, kindle without the adapter plugs, tidies up messy cords.



44.5 x 44.9 x 37.2 mm (L x W x H)


42.6 g ± 10%

Power rated input

110 V a.c to 240V a.c 50Hz, 0.45 A max

Standby Power input

< 0.3W

Power rated output

5V d.c Max. 2.1 A


Average > 80%, @ 220V a.c. 50Hz

Output Ripple voltage

4.75V d.c to 5.35V d.c ripple voltage < 150 mV p-p

Protection function

Short circuit, over current(2.55A), over voltage(7.5 V d.c max), over temperature

Operation environment

0℃ to 40℃ , 10% to 90% RH, no condensing


< 2000m

IP rating

IP 20


2 years

Features and applications

* Power socket USB with 2 USB jacks- two devices can be charged simultaneously.

* Like traditional receptacle, the installation only needs to lose and fasten the back and side wires. 

* 2 USB devices at the same time at high speed without adapter charging.

* Short-circuit, over current(2.55 A max), over voltage( 7.5 V DC max), over temperature protection function.

* Children protection 

* the switch is isolated from the USB for independent useIdeal for use in residential, commercial and healthcare applications. Such as home, offices, hotels, airport, railway station, lounges, hospital, etc.


1. How do I know if the USB Charger Devices are charging my electronic device?

When an electronic device is plugged into the USB Charger, the device will indicate that it is charging. If your device is not indicating a charge, it may have high charging requirements. If using the 1.5A or 3.1 A USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Outlet, switch the device to the high power port on the right to maximize its charging ability. Devices with a high current charging requirement, such as tablets, may still charge in the standard power port (left port), but will not charge at its maximum current and may not indicate a charge. Be sure to connect higher current devices to the high power port. 

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