Which Of The Two Sessions Is The Most Concerned About The LED People

- May 25, 2017-

This year, the State Department's prime minister, Li Keqiang, has stressed the need to firmly establish and implement innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development concepts. From the work report of the two sessions of the Government, a simple glimpse of the "Thirteen-Five" period LED lighting industry trends.

1. "Report of the two sessions": Keep the economy growing at a high speed and push the industry towards the high-end level.

As one of the strategic industries, the semiconductor lighting industry has established the leading position in the lighting industry, but the industry is still immature. The semiconductor lighting industry should accelerate the upgrading of the structure, enhance the innovation ability and improve the development environment. So that the industry from the low profit, homogeneity, market lack of order and other issues to release, the healthy and sustainable development.

2. "Report of the two sessions": To strengthen innovation and lead the role, to inject a strong impetus for development.

Innovation is always the source of the enterprise to remain competitive and to obtain the sustained power. China's semiconductor lighting industry should continue to be intelligent, information-based, quality, standardization of the direction of development. The first is to innovate the system mechanism, and the second is to innovate the technology.

3. "Report of the two sessions": Deepen reform and opening-up and build a new system of development.

In the "along the way" framework, to the international market demand-oriented, relying on the advantages of China's semiconductor lighting industry, integration of domestic and foreign service resources, build a comprehensive platform for overseas development. Expansion of overseas channels to expand product output, accelerate the landing to achieve capacity output and capital cooperation, to go out to provide strategic advice and landing services support.

4. "Report of the two sessions": expand International capacity cooperation.

Cross-border electric business is an important means to expand foreign trade growth of traditional enterprises, is an important bridge to establish communication, service and channel for overseas users, meanwhile, the Cross-border electricity dealers can collect overseas users ' demand to guide the enterprise industry upgrade and improve enterprise technology.

5. "Report of the two sessions": vigorously promote structural reform.

At present, China's semiconductor lighting existing overcapacity, industrial pattern adjustment will continue, production capacity will be further to the leading enterprises, through mergers and acquisitions to develop and strengthen. Some enterprises to improve the process and expand production capacity, reduce product costs, in the market competition has a strong competitiveness and a higher market share.

6. "Report of the two sessions": promoting the upgrading of manufacturing.

In response to the Chinese manufacturing 2025, our country vigorously promotes the intelligent manufacture, constructs the digitized factory, comprehensively promotes our country semiconductor illumination profession in the independent innovation, the resource utilization efficiency, the industrial structure, the informationization, the quality benefit and so on the ability and the level, forms the new production mode, the industrial form, the business model and the economic growth point.

7. "Report of the two sessions": Full release of the whole society entrepreneurial innovation potential.

As a High-tech enterprise supported by state and local government, semiconductor lighting enterprises will enjoy certain preferential policies in the development of enterprises. Support industry leading enterprises to build high-level research and development institutions, to promote the semiconductor lighting industry technology and industry overall research and development strength of the comprehensive level.

With the development of technology, green energy-saving and environmental protection of the life of the public, intelligent lighting will become the main force of the smart home market. Future LED will be combined with intelligent lighting system, in the computer, Internet, things such as networking technology for public lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, agricultural lighting, medical lighting, etc. to provide lighting solutions, become the future development trend.

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