The Significance Of LED Dimming Power Supply To Street Lamp Management

- May 25, 2017-

LED dimming power is very practical, but not fully popular, even if the LED completely popular it still needs a distance to go. The rapid development of the economy, the future may be constantly towards the great economy, large-urbanization development. With the improvement of living standards and the rapid development of urbanization, on the road of continuous progress in many areas has not kept pace, but also face many problems, such as urban lighting. Although in the recommended city lighting process, LED lights, controllers and other equipment has a rapid growth stage, but in many cases or not to be applied, such as street lighting, led dimming power for street lighting is not meaningful? Of course, the answer is yes.

Now the street lighting in addition to providing night lighting, dotted the city night scene also encountered a lot of problems, such as energy-saving problems. Energy-saving issues have always been the issue of talking about more often, but will be a little neglected feeling. Many people will also hold the attitude of doubt, lamps and lanterns to switch to LED lights have been very energy-saving, why also use the LED dimming power to add a dimming function? Not to mention is that the incandescent lamp replacement led has been saving a lot of energy, but the use of LED dimming can be on this basis to further save more than 20% of energy, especially for street lights and other municipal lighting. The use of LED dimming power and control system combination, control in the flow of less time, reduce the brightness of the lights. Energy-saving emission reduction is a country has always advocated the concept of LED dimming technology can help the street lamp better to achieve this goal. At the same time, led dimming can also help achieve remote single lamp control, timely access to the state of street lights, accurate access to energy information, improve the efficiency of street lighting management.

Now led dimming technology has been quite mature, for LED lights dimming control There are many ways, such as KXN, DMX, SCR dimming, Dali dimming, 0-10v dimming and so on technology, led dimming power source is also very rich in all kinds.

LED dimming power supply for LED lighting can play a certain protective role, prolong service life, reduce maintenance costs. Like the isolated power supply itself has multiple protection functions, on the circuit to the LED lights can be formed protection. Street lighting, not only need to provide lighting for urban traffic light source, but also assume the role of the city image, but with the expansion of the city's size, the traditional lighting is not suitable for energy conservation requirements, and then seek new intelligent lighting methods imminent. LED dimming power supply combined with dimming control system can improve the status of urban street lighting? Let's wait and see.

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