The Essence Of Dali Dimming Of LED Modulation Photoelectric Source

- May 25, 2017-

LED lamp gradually replace incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, the past applies to the incandescent light dimmer is not applicable to the emerging LED lamps, thus, for the traditional dimmer and LED light frame between a "bridge" different types of LED dimming power generation came into being. Dali dimming power supply is one of them, the corresponding Dali dimming technology is only one of LED dimming control technology. So where is the essence of it? Compared with other technologies, what are the unique charms of Dali dimming?

The following small series will give you an introduction, LED photoelectric source Dali dimming essence, I hope you can learn more about Dali dimming knowledge and related led dimming drive and led controller products.

Dali dimming products are based on Dali protocol development and design, Dali: Digital lighting Control international standards, full name is: Digital addressable interface standard, Dali protocol is an open asynchronous serial digital communication protocol. The Dali protocol is dedicated to lighting control protocols and is used only for lighting systems and is easily connected with Bas, which is a supplement to BAS systems. The open standard of the Dali protocol, so that the compatibility of Dali dimming power is very good, as long as the production of LED dimming power enterprises to join the Dali Association, with all the Dali agreement, you can develop and produce all the Dali standards of power products, which can be compatible with other manufacturers of the Dali control system, the compatibility problem will no longer exist. such as Shanghai Euchips Euchips is a Dali association membership of the Enterprise, all of its Dali dimming series of products have passed the Dali certification, compatibility and performance has a strong guarantee.

Above is one of the essence of Dali dimming, open protocol-compatibility. In addition to the above characteristics, the LED dimming power supply with Dali dimming technology also has the advantages of: dimming precision, addressable, can be monitored, wide range of dimming and so on.

Dali tune light A digital dimming technology, support 64 of addresses, you can set up every a LED lamps and lanterns an address, through the signal line will be led dimming power supply (external LED lamp load) can be connected with arbitrary group control, LED lighting control brings great flexibility and possibilities, combined with other sensors, timing control can also achieve more control effect. Because Dali supports two-way communication, it can also monitor the status of LED lights, abnormal LED lights can be prompted by the system to facilitate the late management and maintenance of lamps. LED dimming power supply in the Dali dimming control system is equivalent to a control, through the Dali Master Edit and set up the effect of the implementation of "storage" in the power supply. In the Dali system can be set up 16 groups, 16 of scenarios, which require Dali dimming power supply and Dali master control and other related equipment to achieve.

With the development of science, technology is changing, Dali dimming and control technology will not stop, led dimming and control technology would be combined with intelligent lighting, will also produce new control forms, more new dimming products.

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