The Combination Application Of PWM Dimming Power Supply, Inductor And LED Corner Lamp

- May 25, 2017-

Corner lamps are used in hospital wards, hotel, Square, garden and street lighting, corner lights in indoor lighting is also known as "into the wall lights", usually installed in the distance 30cm position, and the use of light sources from energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, gradually converted to LED lights as its lighting source. LED Corner lamp with the development of technology, there are more application forms, the following we will talk about is the PWM dimming 1-10v dimming power supply, microwave sensor and LED corner light Three combination of the use can achieve which effect, where can be used.

We first look at the PWM dimming 1-10v dimming power supply, microwave sensor and LED corner light Three can achieve what kind of effect. For example: We choose a microwave motion sensors, such as Euchips Microwave series products: Euc049v, it can be induced by the movement of human body to open and close the lamp, with the 1-10v dimming power connection can be led corner lamp, can realize control corner lights in the induction to the person to turn on the lights when people leave, the PWM dimming power can let people leave after the lamp in a period of time into the low light state, and then close. In short, it is through the microwave sensor and dimming power supply can control led corner light on, and delay off into the micro-bright state. The combination of the three can make the use of corner lamp more flexible and humane.

Secondly, through the above functions and effects, we will look at the next, in which cases they are applicable.

In home lighting, the use of PWM dimming 1-10v dimming power supply and sensor control LED corner lamp can be used night light. In particular, families with children and the elderly seem more needy. LED Corner lamp Light soft, night opening will not glare, will not affect other people's rest. In the staircase, bathroom, corridor and other places can be installed, night night or water, corner lamp Automatic induction opened, very convenient and safe.

Hospital lighting in the use of corner lamp has been very extensive, especially in the hospital, ward in the corner lamp is very practical a lighting lamps. Similarly, if the use of PWM dimming 1-10v dimming power supply or the combination of induction controller, to reduce energy consumption and humanization will have a big boost.

In other areas, the corner lamp is not only the role of lighting, it is to represent, show the user's aesthetic and literacy of a work of art. such as the top of the high-end hotel decoration, or as a wall lamp, as well as in the landscape lighting, often by the lighting designer as an important light efficiency tool carefully applied.

To sum up, LED corner lights in the PWM dimming power supply and the combination of sensors can play a greater function and effect, so as to better improve people's experience of lighting.

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