PWM Dimming-accurate Control Of The Color Of LED Lamps

- May 25, 2017-

The traditional analog dimming design is simple and the cost is relatively low, but it is not suitable for the occasions where the stable color temperature and the precise dimming control effect are needed. PWM Light is a simple digital dimming method, which has better effect on color temperature control.

In some applications, the accuracy of color requirements are higher, such as high-end hotels, clubs or shopping malls, color accuracy is very important. We all know that led light can provide accurate color. LED color can be mixed with red, blue, green, yellow, white and other colors; When a variety of color mixing, brightness must be adjusted. Because each led crystal can only emit monochromatic light, so want to create other colors, can use red, green, blue three-color LED lights mixed, as long as the switch red, green, blue LED channels, you can produce seven basic colors (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, aqua, white). If you need to achieve more rich colors, the PWM dimming control of the three primary colors of the LED lighting brightness, the three primary colors brightness values, can produce different colors, including adjusting the brightness of each led channel, and control through the various led strings of the current control of light and shade. Change the color temperature of LED white light, usually adjust red and white led string can.

There are two basic ways of adjusting led shading: analogy (Analog) and PWM dimming. Both are by installing the switch mode or linear LED driver, control the average current through the LED string to change the brightness of the LED.

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