LED Dimming Power Is What, Do Not Know Is The Time To Look At

- May 25, 2017-

LED lights are now widely known, with the further application of light, led dimming power supply as the shape behind the LED lighting, but also began to gradually enter the people's "vision." A better use of lighting can create different effects and give people different feelings. For example, in the hotel, the winter hotel lobby lights warm and bright, can make people feel warm, and summer should be refreshing clean feeling. In the office, reasonable lighting can improve work efficiency, the other hand, the light is not handled well will only make employees feel sleepy. In cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and even their own homes, you can realize the use of lighting to create different environmental atmosphere, which is behind the effect of led dimming power.

The LED dimming power supply has the essential difference with the ordinary led power supply, if from a professional point of view to analyze its principle, then each kind of dimming power supply is also different, such as SCR dimming power supply and Dali dimming power supply is very different, if we from the perspective of the overall and broad sense is relatively simple.

LED dimming power can be understood as a, from the external signal acting on the internal dimming module, can be achieved to change the power output voltage and current, so as to achieve LED lighting brightness, color, or color temperature change of a device. And ordinary LED power supply only open and close two different states, it can have a lot of working conditions, such as lamps 50% brightness State, 10% brightness status. Of course, there are many kinds of control methods, such as the above mentioned SCR dimming power supply, Dali dimming power supply, 0-10v 1-10v dimming power supply will be different. Euchips Euchips led dimming power supply using PWM control chip, the use of PWM output dimming, dimming effect is more smooth, but also more efficient and environmental protection.

In fact, led dimming power has long been into our lives, just as a low-key "backstage workers", has not been known by people, now there are many occasions of lighting control is used in a variety of photoelectric source.

Indoor lighting, LED dimming power application of more from high-end hotel lighting, shopping malls lighting, villas lighting, clubhouse lighting to the present home lighting is also in use. Outdoor lighting such as: building facades lighting, municipal landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, engineering lighting, and so on, can also see the dimming power supply figure.

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