LED Dimming Power Is How To Use The Acme?

- May 25, 2017-

LED lighting dimming and control or intelligent lighting has gradually become a trend, whether in the field of business or home, or industrial areas, led photoelectric source has become an important product. Its use has brought a lot of changes and vitality to the lighting, satisfying people's higher demand for lighting and lighting, and easy to use.

Although the current led dimming power supply variety, such as SCR dimming power supply, Dali dimming power supply, 1-10v dimming power supply, but a single dimming power supply function is relatively single, the current application of the most is, according to the needs of the control system to achieve more humane brightness changes and color changes. Is the application of LED dimming power to the extreme? Apparently not.

Future lighting needs, the need to move towards a more healthy and comfortable, more humane, more "smart" direction, especially intelligent, now led dimming power "intelligent" concept is only entered the initial stage. The current dimming power supply and control system can set up various situational illumination according to the requirement, or by manual adjustment (Panel, switch) or by indirect manual adjustment (Wireless, mobile control) and so on, the real intelligence can be based on a number of conditions, automatically to make a variety of lighting adjustments, which requires more intelligent and advanced led dimming power.

The further application of LED dimming power is combined with the use of sensors, for example, through the light sensor sense and dimming power automatic induction to the indoor lighting should maintain the lighting effect, home lighting indoor light can be based on different time periods, seasons, weather to adjust, real-time adjustment of indoor light, energy-saving and intelligent. In the corridor, the garage can use the mobile sensor to integrate the light switch, when the external corridor sensor to someone to enter the home, will be in advance of the Xuan shut the lights open. Or at night, when the night trigger in the foot of the sensor, linkage night night lighting, that is, not disturb the sleeping people, but also to facilitate their own.

The future of the LED dimming power supply is not only to adjust the light, but also need to have the color, color temperature function. This combination of control system can help improve the home decoration style. Such as: can be based on different colors of furniture, wallpaper color To change the color of light, and then according to different seasons, change the color temperature of lamps. such as: In the winter, the warm tone of the light more warm, and summer, cold colors appear more refreshing. So different weather and season, the color temperature adjustment of lamps is also very important.

To sum up, the application of LED dimming power is far from reaching the Acme, this is just the beginning, with the progress and development of science and technology, more advanced products will be born, constantly changing our way of life, lighting environment will be more and more intelligent!

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