LED Controller: The Realization Of Color Change Of Illumination Lighting In Exterior Façade Of Building

- May 25, 2017-

This paper introduces the LED controller is a kind of high-tech equipment to control LED lamps and lanterns, and now it is widely used. such as: Many of the city's landmark lighting control of architectural appearance, lighting control of landscape lighting, and indoor lighting are reflected. Below we mainly explain the application of full color control of LED controller in building lighting.

The floodlight design of the façade of the building, which relates to the first impression of the visitor on the project. External façade of light, to be able to interpret the building volume sense, in addition to the landscape, characteristics of the intersection with the luminous printing, the use of LED controller control LED lighting elements to emphasize the focus and layering, but also to restore the true nature of the building. Lighting is always a wonderful design element and can be the focus of vision.

We all know that interior lighting design is the first consideration is the comfort, elegant atmosphere of the building, rather than to blindly Bo eyeball, blindly use some too dazzling lighting. Every ray of light in and out of space should be derived from the designer's understanding of human nature and architecture, the concept of people-oriented is always through every place, the principle of the atmosphere through, practical comfort, combined with the simplicity of the Taoist aesthetics, just the right touch, not more than a stroke, a lot of poetry, Outdoor lighting should also pay attention to the health of light environment should avoid light pollution. The use of LED controller with control system can be satisfied with the façade lighting needs of the color, rhythm, dynamic, cool, science fiction and so on, but also from the overall control of the effect of lighting, to avoid light pollution, to create a more colorful external façade lighting effect.

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