Dimmer Principle

- May 15, 2018-

Dimmers belong to power equipment and provide uninterrupted dimming function according to user requirements. There are many lights on the market, but there is no dimmer that can adjust all types of lights.

Traditional incandescent lamp invented by Thomas Edison

       2, high-pressure halogen lamp, using 230V AC

       3, low-voltage halogen lamp, use 24V power; There are two ways to step down 230V to 24V: (a) use a simple transformer, or (b) use an electronic switching power supply.

       4, fluorescent / fluorescent lamps, and energy-saving tube is a special type of fluorescent lamps.

       5, LED light based on the principle of light emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode).

Lead phase control

       The dimming of traditional lamps all uses front-edge phase control technology, which technically indicates that a variation of the sine wave of the voltage supply is cut off, resulting in a decrease in the energy supply and a decrease in the brightness of the lamp. FIG. 1 shows a positive wave at 100. % Full load, and 50% load when Zheng Xuanbo is cut halfway.

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