What is the difference between the control and the control of the LED controller, respectively?

- May 25, 2017-

LED controller is actually a general term, including the main control and the division of Control. Many of the LED control is not very understanding of customers will have doubts, what is the main control? What is the difference between the two?

Small addendum to this problem, want to use DMX512 controller system to explain. DMX512 controller is a kind of LED controller, using the DMX512 digital signal to control the change of LED lighting technology. DMX is an acronym for Digital Multiplex, meaning multi-channel digital transmission. The DMX512 Control Protocol (USITT) is an industrial standard for data transmission between lighting controllers and Luminaire devices issued by the American Stage Lighting Association in 1990, the full name of which is Usitt DMX512 (1990), including electrical characteristics, data protocols, data formats and so on. DMX512 control system is a digital lighting control system, compared to the traditional analog dimming technology, has a more powerful control function, can be combined with lights, tube lights, or other types of LED lights to achieve rich lighting effect. such as building facades of lighting, can be achieved with the effect of music rhythm, store lighting timing dimming effect, stage continuously changing lighting effects and so on.

So in DMX control system, which kind of LED controller can be called Master control, which kind of DMX512 controller is the control?

In the DMX512 controller, the master control refers to the programmable ability, which can change the lighting effect in the controller by software, or the independent master who has set up various programs. Master control in the LED controller is equivalent to the control center, the place where the command is issued, can be used to control RGB RGB or lighting brightness, color temperature changes. Can be widely used in the stage, hotels, clubs, showrooms and so on. You can set up scenes, have memory functions, and so on through master control.

In the LED controller system, what is the role of the control? It is easy to understand that the master is the place where the instructions are sent, and the control is where the instructions are stored. After a series of patterns or scenes are set by the master, the instructions or actions are stored in the control, and when a scene or effect is needed, the control will invoke the instructions so that the load behind it is usually led to change the brightness, color, or color temperature, etc. For example, in a DMX512 controller system, the control refers to the DMX decoder or DMX-driven power supply. Of course, DMX decoder and dimming drive power is different, the decoder is mostly to support the control of color changes in the product, while dimming drive power supply to control the brightness changes in the products. At the same time, the operating voltage is different, DMX decoder works under low pressure so it usually needs an external power supply, and DMX dimming drive does not.

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