The relationship between led dimming power supply and intelligent lighting control system

- May 25, 2017-

LED lighting promotion and rapid universal application, so that the level of illumination. At the same time, people's demand for illumination is further improved, the importance of intelligent lighting control system is more prominent, and the LED dimming power as an important role in the intelligent lighting control system, the demand is also increasing. It is now widely known and applied to a relatively wide range of controllable silicon dimming power supply, 0-10v 1-10v dimming power supply, Dali dimming power supply.

LED dimming power in the direction of the continuous development of intelligent, is the mainstream is also a trend. More humane, simple, intelligent lighting, the pursuit of a healthy and comfortable lighting environment is the goal, from ordinary power to led dimming power supply to the evolution of the intelligent power supply, led dimming power has begun to comply with the development of demand, in the direction of multi-function, high efficiency and intelligence development. Not only that, the huge market space of intelligent illumination will also promote the rapid development of intelligent led dimming power supply. According to the study, in 2013-2020, the smart lighting market grew at a rate of 17% CAGR a year. By 2020, the smart lighting market is expected to exceed $8 billion trillion, which will bring a huge market space for intelligent power supply.

In the rapid development of technology in the Internet era, intelligent will be the normal, led dimming power supply whether the market demand, technical support or the supply of research and development manufacturers pain point of view, intelligent is the trend. Integration of different functions into the power supply, can form a scale procurement and production, to ensure quality while also reducing costs.

Finally, it concludes that the intelligent lighting control system and led dimming power supply are inseparable and mutually reinforcing. LED dimming power supply in the intelligent conditions, not only to achieve energy-saving and environmental protection, but also to protect the lighting, control lighting role.

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