The five features of LED controller capture consumer's heart

- May 25, 2017-

LED controller in the daily life of the application is very extensive, because of its many advantages of performance: 2.4GHZ Wireless transmission, dual-core drive, capacitive touch-control technology, and so on, has been favored by many consumers. Now let's do a detailed understanding.

1.2.4GHZ Wireless Transmission Technology

The LED controller uses the wireless transmission technology, compared to the wired transmission, eliminates the complicated wiring, makes the equipment overall is more concise. and is the 2.4GHZ transmission frequency, in the transmission efficiency aspect is higher, the anti-interference ability is strong, can transmit the massive data signal in the short time, guaranteed the control instruction accurate transmission.

2. Dual-Core Drive

The traditional LED controller uses the kernel drive, but now with the development of the computer processing technology, the kernel drive is upgraded to dual-core drive, and the processing speed of the kernel is nearly 10 times times higher than that in the processing capacity.

More efficient data processing capabilities and processing speed make the application of this type of equipment more extensive, can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

3.RF Wireless Synchronization Technology

The LED controller adopts the RF invalid synchronization technology, which makes the data synchronization between different controller devices more accurate and efficient, the signal is more stable, and minimizes the loss of data information.

4. Capacitive Touch-control mode

LED controller using capacitive touch technology, so that led in the color of the choice of more humane, operators in the parameters of the input will be more convenient.

Because the capacitive touch control technology is more convenient than the key input mode, it can effectively reduce the workload of the staff. The Color touch screen makes the picture no longer monotonous, the rich color can produce the visual impact, reduces the staff to control the equipment's fatigue.

5.usb Charging Interface

LED Controller also has a unique design, is to bring the USB charging interface. The traditional controller is the power supply direct-insert design, easily affected by the location of equipment placement. However, the USB-type charging interface is used in this type of controller, which makes the method more diverse and improves the environment adaptability of the equipment.

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