The analysis of the characteristic of the LED dimming technology-linear dimming

- May 25, 2017-

Linear dimming technology as one of the LED dimmer now, in recent years, domestic led industry development can be said to be quite fast, dimming technology as the direction of led driving, more people's attention. Different dimming technology, has a different principle and design considerations, the operation of the relevant operators in the process of convenience and the operation of the steps will also vary. Here's a brief explanation of the basic characteristics of the linear dimming technique.

Principle of linear dimming

First of all, the integration of such technology into the LED dimmer, it can be said to be a relatively original dimming method, but also a comparison of traditional dimming methods. Simply speaking, the use of LED in the transmission process of the amount of current, and thus control the light intensity. What we can find is that the LED bulb and the dimmer flow are positive linear. The application of the whole linear dimming technology in the LED dimmer is very simple, and such dimming control is not susceptible to external interference, but because it is too old, resulting in this kind of technology can not be used in all the existing lighting and lighting systems, can be said to be ineffective. It can be found in the dimming process, this time will produce a lot of heat, and then we can find that the environment will also change, and such dimming technology can also lead to waste of energy.

Characteristics of linear dimming technique

We can see that most of the LED dimmer in the market now uses the latest dimming technology, and the linear dimming technology adjusts the light and shade of the bulb with forward current. In the process of adjustment, we can find that the linear dimming technology has also changed the color temperature and spectrum two aspects, and some people's eyes for color bias is more sensitive, at this stage there will be few businesses to choose such a dimming technology.

We can find that linear dimming techniques used to be used in hotels and theatres to create a better atmosphere to please the audience and diners. Through the corresponding lighting adjustment, you can make the atmosphere better romantic, mysterious and so on, to change the brightness of the LED, linear led dimmer will change its driving current, we can see the brightness of the bulb and the overall driving current is proportional to the relationship.

With the change of times, such dimming technology is often used in led dimmer, in recent years, the introduction of the LED dimmer most of the use of the latest dimming technology, brought to many users more convenient and perfect control process, so that everyone easily control the LED lighting system at the same time, feel the charm of technology!

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