Me Series 1 Gang Dimmer 800W 220 V

- Jan 25, 2018-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ME134

  • Type: Without Switch

  • IP Rating: IP44

  • Trademark: M&A

  • Origin: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

  • Grounding: Standard Grounding

  • Application: Commercial, Industrial, Hospital, Residential/General-Purpose

  • Color: White

  • Specification: CE, CCC, ISO9001

Product Description

Model: ME Series 2 Gang Dimmer 500 W 220V

1. BS standard wall switch socket.
2. High quality copper with silver alloy contact material
3. Reliable Quality, Reasonable Price.
4. Life time: 15 Years

(1)New innovation stucture design.
1>The wall switch and socket button is joined with the middle board.
2>and middle board is joind with the frame.
3>Only two steps to finish installation, which break the traditional tedious
Installation procedure
And save much installation time
(2)As the wall switch and socket button is joined with the board, the size errors of
The base.
1>wall switch and socket function key.
2>and cover plate during injection process do not affect the button usage.
3>so no edge touching and rugged buttons.
(3)No foot fastener, 100% correct installation.
1>not as traditional wall switch and socketes, foot fastener may be broken
During installation.

Inner boxCTN
1GANG 1WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
1GANG 2WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
2GANG 1WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
2GANG 2WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
3GANG 1WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
3GANG 2WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
4GANG 1WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
4GANG 2WAY PLATE SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
BELL SWITCH9*9*3.549*31*19100
16A socket9*9*3.549*31*19100
Multi-function socket9*9*3.549*31*19100
Multi-function socket9*9*3.549*31*19100
1gang 1way switch +multi-function socket9*9*3.549*31*19100
1gang 2way switch +multi-function socket9*9*3.549*31*19100
13A SWITCHED SOCKET9*9*3.549*31*19100
15A SWITCHED SOCKET9*9*3.549*31*19100
TV Plug9*9*3.549*31*19100
2 Tv plug9*9*3.549*31*19100
Tel plug9*9*3.549*31*19100
2 TEL Plugs9*9*3.549*31*19100
Tel,TV Plug9*9*3.549*31*19100
C omputer plug9*9*3.549*31*19100
2 Computer Plugs9*9*3.549*31*19100
Tel,computer Plug9*9*3.549*31*19100
20A switch with neon9*9*3.549*31*19100
45A switch with neon9*9*3.549*31*19100
S atelite socket9*9*3.549*31*19100
S atelite+TEL9*9*3.549*31*19100
S atelite+TV9*9*3.549*31*19100
S peed control switch
Dimmer swicth
LIGHT DIMMER9*9*3.549*31*1980
Doorbell Switch With "Do Not Disturb9*9*3.549*31*19100
Touch delay switch9*9*3.549*31*19100
Voice control  Switch9*9*3.549*31*19100
Human Body Sensor Switch9*9*3.549*31*19100
I nsert card to get power9*9*3.549*31*1960
B lank panel9*9*3.549*31*19100
2*13A  switched socket18*18*3.549*31*1950
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