LED Dimmer, Wireless IR Remote, 6A, PWM

- Jan 03, 2018-

  • Model NO.: BC-320-6A

  • Origin: China

  • Trademark: BINCOLOR

  • HS Code: 853710909

BC-320 series LED intelligent dimmer is dedicated to adjust the brightness of LED lights, which adopted the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology at present, users can either operate manually or use the IR wireless remote controller to control the brightness in the distance, they are suitable for commercial and household 86-style socket installation, the socket can be installed outside or inside the wall. LED intelligent dimmer can meet different brightness requirements at different time, and can extend life tenure of LED, suitable for adjusting the brightness of both low-power and hi-power LED illumination lights, energy-saving.

1, 0~100% brightness adjust, infinite knob style dimming+ wireless IR remote dimming, easy to operate;

2, 256 grey scales, soft & smoothly, without flicker.

3, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% 4 DIY modes, fast adjust.

4, 4 DIY modes, with Fluorescent Indicator & delay off button, users friendly.

5, When load of constant current/voltage is beyond, add extra repeater to expand power.

6, Three types available, suitable for LED lamps in different circuits.

Power Source Selection
Power source must be DC constant voltage type of power supply. Due to the efficient output in some power supplies are only 80% of total, so please select at least 20% higher output power supply than the consumption of LED lights.

Power Voltage Selection
For constant current type of dimmer, the voltage from the power supply could be DC 12V-48V. The input voltage should be little higher than the total loaded voltage on LED lights. For instance, if single LED is 3.6V, 3 of them in series connection, total is 3.6*3=10.8V. Then 12V is the best option. As the same, for 6 LEDs in series connection, please use 24V. If using 48V input on single LED with dimmer, it will work fine due to the constant current type of dimmer will auto-adjust the voltage to keep constant current. It will do no harm on LED.


BC-320-6A Constant voltage

Input voltage


Max load current


Max output power


Output signal

Constant voltage PWM

Dimming range


Scale levels

256 levels

Switch Dimension


Weight (G. W)


110V-120V Dimmer Switch


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