Introduction of the advantages and application range of LED controller

- May 25, 2017-

LED controller It is a very common device, its principle is through the chip processing to control the various switches in the store circuit, general Controller will be based on pre-set procedures, and then control the driving circuit led has a regular glow, this will show the beautiful text and patterns, with a lot of advantages, wide application, market prospects, the following mainly introduce its advantages and application range.

The advantages of LED controller can be summed up to four points:

1, the use of computer control chip, and the current world's most advanced pulse width modulation digital brightness adjustment technology, can be designed according to user needs, flexibility is strong, no matter what the text, what patterns can be controlled by intelligent dimming controller.

2, remote control can be achieved, as long as there is a computer or remote light can be adjusted to meet the needs of various scenes, which is very convenient.

3, long service life, many people will think that the long-term placement in the outdoors is easy to bad, in fact, is not such, and very energy-saving.

4, the wiring is convenient, the operation is simple, the customer may according to own demand to carry on the regulation, thus affects the lamplight the change effect.

In addition to the LED controller using wireless transmission technology, dual-core drive, processing speed, can deal with complex data, stable and reliable performance, can achieve unlimited lighting changes, and can achieve synchronization control. Light color is more humane, selective, have hundreds of colors to choose from, at the same time with a USB interface, you can achieve interoperability with other devices. In short, its advantages are very many, and the application of a wide range, this area of rapid development, brought vitality to the city, the economy brought the former power.

The application scope of LED controller mainly includes building decoration, such as commercial place, station, wharf, airport, stage, etc. interior decoration is mainly hotel, ballroom, restaurant and studio, etc., as well as billboards and large outdoor advertising, in fact, can use the LED and other places are required to use this kind of controller, so that the scope of application is very wide, at present, our country is in a rapid application stage, in the major stores and shopping malls are sold, we can go to understand.

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