How to solve the current LED controller management problems?

- May 25, 2017-

Now we can find that the LED controller has infiltrated into many areas, whether it is day-to-day management, basic use and maintenance and other links, there are corresponding problems. In the past two years, the market competitiveness of the industry has gradually increased, so that we can see that there are many management problems in the controller equipment, how to effectively improve it?

LED controller management Problem one: the use and maintenance personnel quality is low, the talented person lacks

At this stage, we can see the LED controller equipment Market development has fragmented state, you can say the overall size is not uniform. For the installation and construction of such equipment, some people pay attention to short-term effects, in addition to the dimming controller management, use and maintenance staff a large number of streamlining. Under such circumstances, coupled with the problem of wages and treatment, resulting in the entire industry maintenance staff quality is not high, and this talent is also very scarce. We recommend that we improve the incentive system, training system, so as to avoid the loss of talent, and actively mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone, especially for the day-to-day maintenance of LED controller, maintenance, cleaning, if the staff do not actively do a good job, then it is easy to make equipment failure problems.

LED Controller Management II: maintenance work

No matter what equipment, maintenance links are the management of the use of an important part of the process, we can find that the use of such controllers in the environment may be indoors, or in the outdoors, if the operation of the controller is very poor conditions, and has a dust problem, this time and need to run for a long time, then the demand for the maintenance of LED controller is correspondingly higher. But some users can not do and their own work time corresponding maintenance measures, and then the dimming controller equipment appeared abnormal wear phenomenon, although the controller performance is intact, but the overall control efficiency is reduced, the use of equipment has been reduced much shorter.

LED Controller Management III: Solution of heat dissipation problem

To know that the LED controller often long uninterrupted operation, if because of the operating environment or the installation environment, the heat dissipation conditions are not good, it is likely to cause equipment failure problems. We recommend that you do a good job of managing this kind of equipment, to see if the operating environment needs to install an overheating protection system, such protection device can be in the controller overheating phenomenon, provide reliable protection.

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