Analysis of the functions of LED control apparatus

- May 25, 2017-

LED controller, people do not feel very unfamiliar with this product, in life This is a very popular product, and the use of a wide range, from the family, to work units, to an industrial industry, everywhere need such products. But do you know what the functions of LED Controller are? On this question, today we look at the professional technical staff is how to say, after reading, there will be more understanding.

The function of LED controller actually has a lot, don't look at just a small controller, but see its function really will feel incredible. It can buffer data. The product is built into a buffer period, in the output time, through the buffer period can be transmitted to the host data quickly, input, can also pass through the buffer quickly, the whole process is very simple, very fast.

The product has the error control, namely it can carry on the erroneous examination to the data that transmits, if discovers the mistake, can use the error to check the code place, then transmits again, this can better ensure that the inside data is accurate, also reduces the staff's work.

Data exchange is also a major function, the use of bus, can be exchanged, of course, there is a prerequisite is to set up a good data register in the controller, so as to achieve effective data exchange function.

Status description, state description is mainly on the state of the product description, for example, if the product is being sent in the process, then you can see that its working status is to transport, so as to help staff to understand the actual progress of the work, effective procedures, improve work efficiency and economic benefits.

In addition, the LED controller can also identify the address, each device in the system has an address, and the controller can easily identify the device address.

The function of LED controller is very powerful, in many people's mind, this kind of controller is just a simple small product, do not think its function will have so powerful. But today's professional technical staff to prove to everyone that the function of the product enough to help users solve more problems, the use of simple methods, such products are trustworthy and recognized, the future will certainly have more obvious perfection, reflect more value.

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