1 Channel 180W 1~10V LED Dimmer

- Dec 28, 2017-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: TC-DM9103

  • Structure: Closed-Loop

  • Signal: 0/1-10V

  • Output: <8A

  • Frequency: >500kHz

  • Size: L160*W47*H22mm

  • Origin: Shenzhen, China

  • Task: Adjust

  • Mathematical Model: Linear

  • Input: DC12-24V

  • Controlling Signal: 0/1-10V

  • Weight: 220g

  • Trademark: TSD

Features of 1-10V LED Dimmer
1.1channel, max. 8A
2. No flicker, 1-10V dimming
3.1024 Grayscale, smooth dimming

Specifications of LED Dimmer 24V
1. Input: DC12-24V
2. Output: <8A
3. Power: 180W
4. Controlling signal: 0/1-10V
5. Frequency: >500kHz
6. Weight: 220g
7. Packing: 1*48(L364*W334*H158mm)

Product Operation
1. A way, choose the light SWITCH panel (often a panel SWITCH mode), Must first interface (SWITCH DIM) with cross line short answer

2. Switch for single press on and off states, switch machine have memory And brightness delay bright or dark function. Do the light switch instantly light up to Or destruction

3. Switch on time long, plus or minus brightness state, in the process of long Press stop, in 2 seconds again continue long press, so will remain the last time the State of brightness, if is over two seconds long press again, then brightness will be Opposite state control (example: The current dimmer outfit state is added Brightness, when transferred to 50% brightness stop, if in for about 2 seconds Long press again, then once again from 50% brightness, and will continue to add Up from 50% brightness minus)

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