120VAC/60Hz Smart Toggle Switch with Dimmer

- Nov 28, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ZW31_T

  • Feature: Mechanical

  • Principle: Capacitive

  • Type: Composite

  • Structure: Power Built-in Type

  • Kind: Single-pole on-off Switch

  • Detection Method: Retro-reflective Mode

  • Range: Mini 30m Line of Sight

  • Operating Temperature Range: 32-104° F (0-40° C)

  • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42MHz

  • Transport Package: Neutral Packing

  • Origin: Dongguan China

  • Protection: Insulation

  • Wiring: Null Line and Live Line

  • Application: Home Appliance, Lighting, Hotel, Commercial, Home

  • Number of Switch: Double Control Switch

  • Usage: Control Button, Reset Button, Control Switch

  • Contact Type: Type c Contact

  • Certification: SGS, UL, RoHS, FCC

  • Maximum Loads: 500W, 2-Gang 400W or 3-Gang 300W Incandescent /150

  • Use Environment: for Indoor Use Only

  • Trademark: EVA LOGIK

  • Specification: 115(L)*70(W)*44(H)mm

  • HS Code: 8536500000

Product Description

ZW31T   In-wall Wireless Smart Switch,Dimmer


The Wall Mounted Switch is a component of the lighting control system.Wire the Wall Mounted Switch in place of a standard wall switch.Inclusion of this Switch allows remote ON/OFF control of loads connected.This Wall Mounted Switch is designed to work with other
Z-Wave enabled devices.Z-Wave nodes of other types can be added to the system and will also act as repeaters.

Technical data

Operating Voltage120Vac/60Hz
Maximum Load500W, 2-gang 400W or 3-gang 300W incandescent /150W CFL/LED 
Powered byZ-wave 500 seires chip
RangeMin 30m line of sight
Relay15A (ON/OFF)
Operating Temperature Range32-104°F (0-40°C)
Net weight130g
ApprovalRohs,FCC, UL
Z-wave frequency908.42MHz


1.Before installation ensure that the voltage supply is disconnected.
IMPORTANT!Verify power is OFF to switch box before continuing.
2.Remove wall plate.
3.Remove the switch mounting screws.
4.Carefully remove the switch from the switch box.DO NOT disconnect the wires.
5.There are up to five screw terminals on the switch;These are marked
A.LINE (Hot) - Black (connected to power)
B.Neutral - White
C.LOAD - Black (connected to lighting)
D.GROUND - Green/Bare
E.TRAVELER - Red/Other (only used in 3-way installations)
Match these screw terminals to the wires connected to the existing switch.
6.Disconnect the wires from the existing switch.Be careful to label wires according to the
Previous terminal connection.
Observe Important Wiring Information
IMPORTANT!:This switch is rated for and intended to only be used with
Copper wire.
Wire Gauge Requirements
Use 14 AWG or larger wires suitable for at least 80° C for supplying Line (HOT), Load, Neutral,
Ground and Traveler connections.
Wire strip length:
For attachment to screw terminals:Strip insulation 1" (25mm)
For attachment using the enclosure's holes:Strip insulation 5/8" (16mm)
UL specifies that the tightening torque for the screws is 14 Kgf-cm (12 lbf-in).
7.Connect the green or bare copper ground wire to the GROUND terminal.
8.Connect the black wire that goes to the fixture to the terminal marked LOAD.
9.Connect the black wire that comes from the electrical service panel (Hot) to the terminal
Marked LINE.
10.Connect the white wire to the neutral terminal (use included jumper wire if needed).
Note:The Traveler terminal is only used for 3-way or 4-way wiring and should remain
Insulated if the switch is being installed in a 2-way system (one switch & one load).
11.Insert Switch into the switch box being careful not to pinch or crush wires.
12.Secure the switch to the box using the supplied screws.
13.Mount the wall plate.
14.Reapply power to the circuit at fuse box or circuit breaker and test the system.

Basic Operation
The connected light can be turned ON/OFF in two ways:
1.Manually from the front panel of the In-wall switch
2.Remotely with a Z-Wave Controller
Manual Control
The Front Panel Toggle Switch allows the user to:
Turn ON/OFF the connected fixture.
To turn the connected fixture ON:Press and release up on the toggle.
To turn the connected fixture OFF:Press and release down on the toggle.

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