Push on Off Rotary Dimmer Switch 300VA

Push on Off Rotary Dimmer Switch 300VA

Model NO.EU-P3
Trailing edge phase control
Two way control

Product Details

Push on off rotary dimmer switch 300VA

Brightness control by phase angle also suitable for high voltage halogen lamps, incandescent lamps or LV lamps via ring core transformer including pressure changeover function! The combination of functional, practical technology and naturally beautiful design. 

The function is clearly evident, irrespective of the operator. Press the rotary knob and dim the light darker or brighter as required. Easy to integrate into existing two-way or intermediate switches.



Reference number:




Rated Voltage:


Connected Load:

10VA-300VA (1-15LEDs,150Wmax)





Dimming method:

Trailing edge phase control


Three Years




Features and applications

√Trailing edge electronic dimmer 

√Prewired with PVC insulated cables with copper terminations

√Suitable for 2 way switching when installed and wired correctly with switch

√Minimum load of 10W, maximum 300W

√Soft start function to reduce the electric shock

√Over current, short-circuit protection and Over temperature protection




1. Does it have short-circuit protection?

Like all quality electrical accessories, you want a dimmer with short circuit protection. If the dimmer receives a short circuit or surge due to faulty wiring or lamp failure, you want it to automatically turn off before damage can occur. Again, this is a feature that’s great to explain to homeowners so they feel secure and know what’s happening, as well as what to do if the lamp goes off. If you take the time to explain features like this, your customers will think you are a knowledgeable, trustworthy electrician. And they’ll be more likely to recommend you to others. So, it’s worth it.

2. How do I know the size of dimmer I need?

To calculate, simply multiply the wattage of each lamp by the number of lamps. This gives the total wattage on that circuit. The dimmer should match or exceed that wattage per circuit (dimmer channel).

3. Should a non-dimmable CFL be used with a dimmer?

No. A CFL that is not specifically designed for dimming should not be used on a dimmer. The CFL may flash or flicker and the reliability of the CFL or the dimmer may be reduced. 



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