LED Light Dimmer Switch 200VA

LED Light Dimmer Switch 200VA

Model NO.EU-P2
Trailing edge phase control
Two way control

Product Details

LED Light dimmer switch 200VA 

The EU-P2 dimmer provides an easy-to-use operate potentiometer that switches the light on and off to your favorite light level. Can easily be used in the power range from 10-200VA. It is compatible with conventional lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamp as well as most dimmable energy saving lamps.


Reference number:




Rated Voltage:


Connected Load:

10VA-200VA (1-15LEDs,150Wmax)





Dimming method:

Trailing edge phase control


Three Years 


* Trailing edge electronic dimmer 

* Suitable for 2 way switching when installed and wired correctly with switch

* Good quality at a reasonable price.

* Minimum load of 10W, maximum 200W

* Soft start

* Compatible with nearly all switch series

* Over temperature protection


a.Dimmable LED

b.Switching and dimming incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps and TRONIC

c.Transformers with halogen lamps

d.Suitable for mixed operation up to the specified output


1. What kind of dimming range can I expect?

Dimming range will depend on both the bulb and the control. Many LED bulbs are not capable of being dimmed below a 10% measured light level, regardless of the control used.

2. What is the soft start feature?

When the dimmer is turned on, it will slowly bring the lights to the set level over a period of around a second. This is designed to extend the life of both the lamps and the dimmer but preventing any spikes on start up.

3. What is over-temperature protection?

To combat overloading or insufficient de-rating, a good dimmer will automatically reduce lamp brightness when the dimmer is getting too hot. Then once the dimmer has cooled down, it will automatically resume normal operation. This is an excellent safety feature and it’s good to explain this to homeowners.

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