Rotary Dimmer for LED Lamps 400VA

Rotary Dimmer for LED Lamps 400VA

Reference number: UK-PRD400VA
Connected load: 10-400VA
Trailing edge phase control
Two-way control
CE listed
Without heatsink

Product Details

Rotary Dimmer For LED Lamps 


LED Dimmer Switches are usually required for use with LED lighting to prevent flickering, to avoid damaging your dimmable LED lighting fittings and also to reduce buzzings sounds from both the LED lighting dimmer switches which are not suited to LED lighting. SHYUGJ dimmer switch has perfect performance on various lamps.



Reference number:




Rated Voltage:


Connected Load:

10VA-400VA (1-15LEDs,150Wmax)





Dimming method:

Trailing edge phase control


Three Years




Features and applications

* tures and applications

* Suitable for use for control of dimmable LED bulbs, dimmable electronic transformers, LED Drivers, and tungsten bulbs. 60W minimum Load

* Integrated cross-hair screw potentiometer allows CFL and LED bulbs minimum level of dimming to be set. This prolongs life and prevents flickering at the bottom end.

* Trailing edge phase control

* Integrated over-temperature protection fuse, Smooth dimming operation from 0-100% light output

* May be fitted to most Dimmer plates. Basically just swap out the existing module behind the dimmer plate.



1.What LED lamps are compatible with your dimmers?

Our dimmers are compatible with most of the Mainstream LED lamp brands. If you are not sure, we can send some samples for you to test or you can send your light to us, we are glad to test it for you.

2.Does it have over-temperature protection?

To combat overloading or insufficient de-rating, a good dimmer will automatically reduce lamp brightness when the dimmer is getting too hot. Then once the dimmer has cooled down, it will automatically resume normal operation. This is an excellent safety feature and it’s good to explain this to homeowners.

3.Choosing between trailing edge or leading edge

In most dimming applications it is more desirable to use a trailing edge dimmer. Trailing edge technology ensures less EMI being generated in electronic transformers, is 100% silent, usually reduces or even completely eliminates high inrush currents into lamps or the electronics of the lamps, is generally capable of handling a larger maximum load (due to the lack of inrush current mentioned) and is in general more compatible with a majority of load types, including electronic transformers. There are however some applications or lamp types (especially some LED lamps) which specifically requires a leading edge dimming solution.


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