Rotary Dimmer Switch 350VA

Rotary Dimmer Switch 350VA

Reference number: AU-RD350VA
Trailing Edge Phase Cut
Two-way Control

Product Details

Rotary led dimmer switch 350VA

AU-RD350VA dimmer is specially designed for LED lamps. However, it also compatible with incandescent and halogen lamp. It utilities powerful and sophisticated dimming technology to provide control.


Reference number:




Rated Voltage:

AC220V-240V~, 50Hz

Connected Load:

10VA-350VA (1-15LEDs, 150Wmax)





Dimming method:

Trailing edge phase control


Three Years 



Features and applications

* Trailing edge electronic dimmer optimized for LED loads

Prewired with PVC insulated cables with copper terminations

Suitable for 2 way switching when installing and wired correctly with switch

Minimum load of 10VA, maximum 350VA

Soft start

Overload protection, Over current protection, Over temperature protection


1.What kind of dimming range can I expect?

Dimming range will depend on both the bulb and the control. Many LED bulbs are not capable of being dimmed below a 10% measured light level, regardless of the control used.

2.What are intelligent dimmers?

Intelligent dimmers include features that standard dimmers usually will not. They are in place to extend the life of the lamps and the dimmer by protecting against overloads and spikes in the circuit. The features include soft start and overload protection. All series dimmer we made are intelligent dimmers.

3.How do I know the size of dimmer I need?

To calculate, simply multiply the wattage of each lamp by the number of lamps. This gives the total wattage on that circuit. The dimmer should match or exceed that wattage per circuit (dimmer channel).

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