RF Remote Control Kit

RF Remote Control Kit

Reference number: RFID-2
RF Remote control
Two-way control

Product Details

Two Way RF remote control kit

Its LED backlight lets you easily find and turn on the switch at night. It can be used to control lights or home appliances. Upgrade your home with this modern, fashionable alternative to traditional light switches.

Support all kinds of lights, perfect for the smart home solution!


The receiver 

Operation voltage : 100V-240VAC

Operating frequency: 50/60Hz

Performance Tolerance: 85-275V ( suitable for all countries worldwide voltage standard )

Standby power consumption: line 1 ≤0.2W 

Load power: 0-1100W

Spectrum: 433.92MHz

Life service time: more than 10,0000 times

Dimensions: 65x40x23mm

The remote control 

Battery Requirement:1 pcs 23A /12V battery

Standby power consumption: line 1≤ 0.04mW , line 2≤0.08mW, line 3≤ 0.12mW

Remote distance: 0~30 meters                        

Spectrum: 433.92 MHz

Installation dimensions: : 86x 86x16mm


* Easy installation

Standard 86 type wall switch, lightweight design, without cable, no need to change any of the lamps connected accessories, can directly replace the existing wall switch ;

* Apply to lamps

Saving lamps, incandescent lamps, spotlights, halogen lamps and other common ;

* Placed on the receiving controller SCM process, external lighting, doors, curtains, to achieve a multi-control button.

* Mine design

With mine-safe and reliable performance; built fast protection tube, anti-lightning, anti-surge, the effective protection circuit.

* The wall remote control

Can be wall remote wireless remote ( remote control in living room lamps ) ;


1. Can I install this to power both lights and the fan off or on?

It depends on whether your ceiling fan has a remote control or not, if IR, then make sure the frequency between 36KHZ-43KHZ, if RF, then the Frequency: 433Mhz. 

2.Is this item easy to install?

The installation is easy, please follow the manual below.


1)Pry the remote control panel

2)Installing battery according to the positive and negative logo

3)Paste freely in the location specified by the user 

4)Note: Remote after 12-second switch is automatically initialized

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