Push Button Wireless Remote Control Switch

Push Button Wireless Remote Control Switch

Model NO. PKRFC-1
RF Remote Control 1 way

Product Details


The switch with integrated design has waterproof, fireproof function and function of preventing electric shock. It allows wet hand operation. With luxurious and simple look, the switch fit in different room style well, and enhances the room’s appearance in a degree. 

The touch switch brings the best out of your home without having to break the bank, and is suitable to be used in all rooms of your home, business and establishment. 


The receiver 

Rated voltage : 100V-240VAC

Operating frequency : 50/60Hz

Performance Tolerance : 85-275V ( suitable for all countries worldwide voltage standard )

Standby power consumption : line 1 ≤0.2W 

Load power : 0-1100W

Spectrum: 433.92MHz

Life: more than 10,0000 times

Dimensions :65x40x23mm

The remote control 

battery:1 pcs 23A /12V battery

Standby power consumption: line 1≤ 0.04mW , line 2≤0.08mW, line 3≤ 0.12mW

Remote control distance: 30 meters or less                        

Spectrum: 433.92 MHz

Installation dimensions: : 86x 86x16mm


* Easy to install and use

* RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology

* Wireless remote control

* Prevent the occurrence of leakage and electric shock danger.


1. What is RF control system?

Radio frequency remote control (RF) is the new, more advanced version. Radio frequency is based on radio waves. It is a technology to remotely store and read information from so-called RFID "tags" that are installed in or on objects. A big advantage of the radio frequency remote control is that you do not need to create a straight line of sight/transmission line to the eye of the LED lights. From anywhere in the room or even from another room. 

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