Push Button LED Dimmer Switch 350VA

Push Button LED Dimmer Switch 350VA

Reference number: AU-PBD350VA
Trailing Edge Phase Cut
Two-way Control

Product Details

Push button led dimmer switch 350VA

The AU-PBD350VA Dimmer is designed and manufactured by Shyugj to provide optimized dimming of LED-based lamps and drivers, this high quality, two-wire phase control wall plate dimmer and switch has a minimum load rating of 10VA.

Although optimized for LED lighting loads, the dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamp types such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps/transformers and dimmable CFL’s.

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Reference number:




Rated Voltage:


Connected Load:

10VA-350VA (1-15LEDs,150Wmax)





Dimming method:

Trailing edge phase control


Three Years




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* Push button mechanism and LED indicator

* Preset minimum brightness

* Memory function

* Inbuilt over-current and over-temperature protection

* Full short-circuit protection

* Complies with Australian and international EMC standards


1. What is the soft start feature?

When the dimmer is turned on, it will slowly bring the lights to the set level over a period of around a second. This is designed to extend the life of both the lamps and the dimmer but preventing any spikes on startup.

2. What is overload protection?

Our dimmers have an overload protection feature. This feature will work in different ways for each different dimmer. Overload protection mode will kick in if you mistakenly connect your dimmer to too many lights or transformers. It will protect itself from failure by turning the lights down or off until the load is corrected.

3. Does it have over-temperature protection?

To combat overloading or insufficient de-rating, a good dimmer will automatically reduce lamp brightness when the dimmer is getting too hot. Then once the dimmer has cooled down, it will automatically resume normal operation. This is an excellent safety feature and it’s good to explain this to homeowners.

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