LED Dimmer Push Button Style with Multi-way Control

LED Dimmer Push Button Style with Multi-way Control

Reference number: AU-PBMW350VA
Trailing Edge Phase Cut
Multiway Control

Product Details

Led Dimmer Push Button Style With Multi-way Control

AU-PBMW400VA is an upgraded and latest model led dimmer from AU-PBD350VA. Differ from AU-PBD350VA, this newly upgraded model dimmer allows you to dim the light in different locations, not just on/off, which is called multiway control. 


Reference number:




Rated Voltage:


Connected Load:

10VA-350VA (1-15LEDs,150Wmax)





Dimming method:

Trailing edge phase control


Three Years 

Features and applications

* Reliable logic control

* Smooth adjustment & free flickering

* Optimized LED load regulation curve

* Soft start function to reduce the electric shock

* Overload protection

* Strong Anti-interference

* Minimum brightness adjustable

* Multiway control system


1. What is multiway control dimmer?

Traditional one way or two-way control dimmer only allows you to dim and switch on/off the light in one location or switch on/off in two locations but only dim in one location. Multiway control dimmer solves this problem which enables you to dim as well as switch light from any wall plate location, without additional wiring or control system.

2. Can I use the dimmer in the outdoor area (covered terrace)?

The dimmer has the degree of protection IP20. The zero means that there is no protection against water, so the dimmer can only be used indoors. 

3. Can I use CFL bulbs from different manufacturers on the same dimmer? 

Yes, but the performance may vary from bulb to bulb due to variations between manufacturers.

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