Bell Press Dimmer

Bell Press Dimmer

Reference number: SA-BPLD500W
Connected load: 10-500W
Trailing edge

Product Details

Bell press dimmer no flickering and silent dimming overcurrent protection


SA-BPLD500 trailing edge bell press dimmers are separately switched, compact, modular dimming mechanisms rated at 500W. The units utilize powerful and sophisticated dimming technology to provide full control of almost any type of load. The dimmers also incorporate overcurrent and over-temperature protection devices and are capable of withstanding persistent short circuit conditions.


Reference number:




Rated Voltage:


Connected Load:


Dimming method:

Trailing edge phase control


Three Years 


* Dimming is to the lowest point

Suitable for two-way operation

Added surge protection

Minimum load is one lamp

No flickering

100% silent


1. Does a dimmer save energy?

Yes, because even when full on, dimmers supplied the lamp with a maximum of 92-95% of the full AC voltage and hence provides a slight energy saving. As the lamp is dimmed more, the RMS voltage across the lamp is reduced and the energy saving becomes more. As an example, an incandescent or halogen lamp which is 50% dimmed uses at least 40% less energy compared to when fully on.

2. What is the difference between leading edge and trailing edge control?

The diagram below shows a normal 220VAC 50Hz cycle. If the dimmer delays the turn on of the cycle, it is a leading edge dimmer, but if the dimmer delays the turn off of the cycle, it is a trailing edge dimmer. Leading edge dimming hence produces a very quick or sharp inrush of voltage into the load during each 50Hz half cycle, which in turn causes a high inrush current into the lamp filaments or the electronic components of solid state lighting. Trailing edge dimming does not cause a high inrush voltage or current and is hence in general more “natural” for the load.

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